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Crenulate  \'kren-ye-let, -,lat\ or crenulated \-,lated\ adj [NL crenulatus, fr. crenula, dim. of
ML crena] (1794) : having irregularly wavy or serrate outline <a ~ shoreline> - crenulation \,kren-ye-let, -'latshen\ n *

Today we see more crenulate space in advertising because nothing is quite as clear as it used to be.

The crenulated or serrated design of the edge of a check allows for easy detachment from the checkbook.

The crenulation of the border of the screen design softens the sharp feel, while making a connection that flows into the focus of the total design.

Internet businesses have crenulate stability these days, which gives a market impression that the new economy can only drive in circles.

Vibrato is one technique used to crenulate sound when playing a musical instrument or singing.