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 What’s the Story? by Steve Portigal (new)
 Finding Jobs in Uncertain Times by David C. Forman (new)

 Learning in Communities by Etienne Wenger and William Snyder (encore)
 Virtual Teams: The Future is Now by Jessica Lipnack (encore)
 eLearning is Not Knowledge Management
by Verna Allee (encore)
 The Human Capital Metaphor: What's in a Name? by Thomas O. Davenport (encore)

 Competing on Human Capital: Chris Bartlett and Sumantra Ghoshal on a Book in Progress
by Brook Manville (encore)
 Building a Learning Strategy For Leaders
by Dori Digeinti (encore)
 Days in the Life of an eLearner by Jay Cross (encore)
 From the Mailroom by A. Human Asset (encore)
 How to Get What You Really Want from eLearning Vendors by Kirk D. Fleming (encore)
 Unlocking Learning's Power to Transform by Jeff De Cagna (encore)
 Organizational Overhaul by Christopher Bartlett (encore)

 Ten Traits to Help Leaders Transition Through Turbulent Times by Bette Price (new)
 Cultural Adaptation: Necessity for Global eLearning by Patrick Dunn and Alessandra Marinetti (new)
 Finding Courage by Jeff
De Cagna (new)

 The Pause That Refreshes: Fewer People Trained More by Verne Harnish (encore)
 Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Learning Standards But Were Afraid to Ask
by Wayne Hodgins (encore)
 Readiness: Intersections With the New by David Grebow (encore)
 eLearning and the Attention Economy: Here, There, and Everywhere? by Thomas H. Davenport (encore)

 Living Leadership Now by David MacKenzie (encore)
 eLearning SchmeeLearning: Anything New Here? by Mark Cavender (encore)
 Getting the Maximum from your Recruiting Dollar by Debra Young (encore)

 Lonely Learners by Susan L. Bernstein (encore)

 What Do Employees Really Want by David Finegold (encore)

World Wide Web-ucation: Putting eLearning to the Acid Test by Dara Colwell (new)  Start Measuring Your eLearning Programs Now by Josh Bersin (new)
 Courage and Freedom by Tom Heuerman (new)
 Human Capital Advantage: Developing Metrics for the Knowledge Era by Laurie Bassi (encore)
 Leaders Treat Learning Like Dirty Dishes by Bette Price (encore)
 Can You Learn Online? by Marcia Conner (encore)

 Understanding and Winning the Never-Ending Battle for Talent: The Manager's Core Work in the New Economy by Peter Henschel (encore)

 Sharing Strength: Lessons About Getting by Giving by Chuck Scofield (encore)

A Chaordic Walk in the Park by Joel Getzendanner (encore)
 Global Implications of eLearning by Marcia Conner (encore)
 24 By 7 Teaming by Douglas K. Smith (encore)
 Weeds: A Column About Thriving When and Where It Matters by Kellee
K. Sikes (encore)
 Tomorrow’s Too Late by Jay Cross