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Summer 2000 - Performance and Learning
Fall 2000 - Tackling the Whitespace Around eLearning

Winter 2001 - Designing the Learner Experience

Spring 2001 - Learning from the Human Capital Revolution

Summer 2001 - Integrating Learning, Working, and Life
Fall 2001 - Leader Learning
Current Issue - Organizational Readiness in Turbulent Times

This is a complete list of all articles in LiNE Zine with the issue where they appeared.

Back from the Chasm: An Interview with a Former Workaholic by LiNE Zine Staff (Summer 2001)

Balance, Learning, and The Human Equation: A Conversation with Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer by Brook Manville (Summer 2001)

Change at GM: Through the Eyes of Wendy Coles by Marcia Conner (Fall 2000)

Cross the Learning Desert in a Ferrari: An Interview with Xplane's Dave Gray by Kellee K. Sikes (Winter 2001)

The Disney Institute Approach to Human Capital: An Interview with Larry Lynch by Cheryl Emory (Spring 2001)

eLearning without eHype: An Interview with Esther Dyson by Brook Manville (Summer 2000)

Envisioning: An Interview with the Grove's David Sibbet by Marcia Conner (Winter 2001)

Fast Forward to eLearning with Fast Company's Alan Webber by Brook Manville (Fall 2000)

Focusing on What Matters Most: An Interview with Elaine St. James by Marcia Conner (Summer 2001)

Good to Great Leadership: Reflections on Learning and Achieving Level 5 from Jim Collins by Brook Manville (Fall 2001)

Great Minds: A Thoughtful Interview with Michael Gelb by Marcia Conner (Spring 2001)

Human Capital Management: A Private and Public Sector Conversation with David M. Walker and Bobby Yazdani by Brook Manville (Spring 2001)

The Integration of Work and Personal Life: A Discussion About the Dual Agenda with MIT’s Lotte Bailyn by Marcia Conner (Summer 2001)

The Invisible Dilemma: An Interview with The Fatherhood Project’s James Levine by Marcia Conner (Summer 2001)

The Juncture Between Humanity and Technology: An Interview with Michael Dertouzos by Marcia Conner (Spring 2001)

Leading Our Organizations to Work Smarter, Not Longer:An Interview with "Turn it Off" author, Gil Gordon by Marcia Conner (Fall 2001)

Leading Up to "Leading Up": An Interview with Wharton Professor Mike Useem by Brook Manville (Fall 2001)

The Learning-Doing Gap: An Interview with Robert I. Sutton by Beth Garlington Scofield (Fall 2000)

Learning’s Reward: An Interview with Mary Catherine Bateson by Marcia Conner (Spring 2001)

Linking, Lurking, Listening, and Learning: An Interview with John Seely Brown by Marcia Conner (Fall 2000)

Looking Forward and Back: An Interview with Howard Rheingold by Marcia Conner (Spring 2001)

Musically Speaking: An Interview with Susan Greenbaum by Marcia Conner (Spring 2001)

Organizational Readiness, Knowledge Management, and eLearning in the U.S. Military: An Interview with Dr. Geoffery Malafsky by Brook Manville (Current Issue)

Our Shared Playground: An Interview with Michael Schrage by Marcia Conner (Winter 2001)

Quick: An Interview with ABC's Paula Cohen by Marcia Conner (Winter 2001)

Roger Black: A Lumpy Interview by Brook Manville (Winter 2001)

Talking Human Capital with Professor Gary S. Becker, Nobel Laureate by Brook Manville (Spring 2001)

Time to eValue: An Interview with Mickey Connelly by Marcia Conner (Fall 2000)

Turning It Off with Gil Gordon by Marcia Conner (Fall 2001)

User-centered Learning: An Interview with Judee Humburg by Marcia Conner (Winter 2001)

Weighing the Balance: An Interview with Sue Shellenbarger, Wall Street Journal’s “Work and Family” Columnist by Brook Manville (Summer 2001)

What’s Happening to Arts Education in the New Economy? An Interview with Dan Stackhouse by Cheryl Emory (Winter 2001)

What's Changed at Work? An Interview with Peter Capelli by Beth Garlington Scofield (Fall 2000)

Wiring the Classroom: An Interview with Reed Hundt by Brook Manville (Fall 2000)

Working in Online Community: An interview with Amy Jo Kim by Beth Garlington Scofield (Spring 2001)

21st Century Dilemmas: Balance, Integration, or Learning It All? Hypotheses from the Front Line by Marcia Conner and Brook Manville (Summer 2001)

24 By 7 Teaming by Douglas K. Smith (Summer 2001)

Accelerating Leader Learning in the Zone of Not Knowing by Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith (Spring 2001)

Add Grace to Leadership and Get Results by Melinda Vilas (Fall 2001)

Being Analog by Jay Cross (Summer 2001)

Bionic Leadership to Extend a Virtual Leader’s Human Touch by Jaclyn Kostner (Fall 2001)

Building a Learning Strategy for Leaders by Dori Digenti (Fall 2001)

Can Balance Be Learned? by Melinda Vilas (Summer 2001)

Can You Learn Online? by Marcia Conner (Fall 2000)

The Changing Nature of Leadership by Jay Cross (Fall 2001)

A Chaordic Walk in the Park by Joel Getzendanner (Summer 2001)

Coaching Catalyzes eLearning by Brenda Wilkins (Fall 2000)

Communicating Meaning: Drawing in Leadership by Nate Burgos (Fall 2001)

Competing on Human Capital: Chris Bartlett and Sumantra Ghoshal on a Book in Progress by Brook Manville (Spring 2001)

Courage and Freedom by Tom Heuerman (Current Issue)

Cultural Adaptation: Necessity for Global eLearning by Patrick Dunn and Alessandra Marinetti (Current Issue)

Culturing your Learning Outside the Petrie Dish Inside the Fast Company/Saba Learning & Culture Event 04.27.00 (Fall 2000)

Days in the Life of an eLearner by Jay Cross (Fall 2000)

Designing Effective eLearning Across National Boundaries by J.D. Eveland (Winter 2001)

Designing for the Mobile Worker: Anywhere, Anytime, Take-it-to-Go Learning by Carol Weiss (Winter 2001)

“e” Stands for Experiences: Blurring Work and Learning by Brian Miller (Fall 2000)

eLearning and the Attention Economy: Here, There, and Everywhere? by Thomas H. Davenport (Summer 2001)

eLearning is Not Knowledge Management by Verna Allee (Fall 2000)

eLearning SchmeeLearning: Anything New Here? by Mark Cavender (Fall 2000)

Emerging Technology Trends in eLearning by Ellen Wagner (Fall 2000)

e-Tales of Instructional Design: Principles for Effective eLearning Design by Eric Parks (Winter 2001)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Learning Standards but Were Afraid to Ask by Wayne Hodgins with Marcia Conner (Fall 2000)

Fielding High Impact Players: The Evolution of CXO Talent Management by Katherine Holt (Spring 2001)

Finding Courage by Jeff De Cagna (Current Issue)

Finding Jobs in Uncertain Times by David C. Forman (Current Issue)

Finding Talent With Technology by Yves Lermusiaux (Spring 2001)

Food for Thought by Jay Cross (Winter 2001)

From the Mailroom by A. Human Asset (Spring 2001)

FutureScope: Industry Executive Perspectives on the eLearning Marketplace TechLearn 2000, November 2000 (Winter 2001)

Getting the Maximum from your Recruiting Dollar by Debra Young (Spring 2001)

Global Implications of eLearning by Marcia Conner (Fall 2000)

Guilds and the Future of Learning by Robert Laubacher (Summer 2001)

Hard Talk on Soft Subjects: Employee Retention by Laurie Bassi (Summer 2000)

The History of People-Focused Practices by Jay Cross (Spring 2001)

How Much Does eLearning Cost? by Laurie Bassi (Fall 2000)

How to Get What You Really Want from eLearning Vendors by Kirk D. Fleming (Fall 2000)

Human Capital Advantage: Developing Metrics for the Knowledge Era by Laurie Bassi (Spring 2001)

Human Capital: Basic Beliefs about the World's Oldest New Paradigm by Marcia Conner and Brook Manville (Spring 2001)

The Human Capital Metaphor: What's in a Name? by Thomas O. Davenport (Spring 2001)

The Human Capital Reserve Board: A Parable by Thomas P. Hill (Fall 2001)

If It Were Only That Easy: A Squirrel's Eye View of Learner-Centered Design by Janice Peterson Peacock (Winter 2001)

If It's Fun You'll Remember It All Right! by Woodleigh Marx Hubbard (Winter 2001)

Increasing Wisdom and Emotional Well-Being in Turbulent Times by Margo Covington (Fall 2001)

Inside Linkage's Chief Learning Officer Conference (Winter 2001)

In the Mind's Eye by David Grebow (Winter 2001)

Introduction to Experientially Based Training and Development by Simon Priest (Winter 2001)

Karate Kid Meets the eLearning Business Machine by John Sorflaten (Winter 2001)

Leaders as Learners, Teachers, and Legacy Builders by Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith (Fall 2001)

Leaders Treat Learning Like Dirty Dishes by Bette Price (Fall 2001)

Learner, Direct Thyself by Gerry Sexton, M.D. (Fall 2000)

Learning about Learning from a Stay-at-Home Dad by Russell Morris (Summer 2001)

Learning and Earning: Having Your Cake and Eating It Too by Laurie Bassi (Summer 2001)

Learning at the Speed of Business Quick talk at the Fast Company/Saba Learning & Speed Event 05.18.00 (Fall 2000)

Learning from Civilization by Melissa Koch (Winter 2000)

Learning from the Front Line by Beth Ann Jones (Fall 2000)

Learning in Communities by Etienne Wenger and William Snyder (Summer 2000)

Learning in the Model Internet Company by Dean Alms (Winter 2001)

Learning Institutions: The Intersection of Business and School by Arnold Kling (Fall 2000)

Learning with Hal 2001 by Hal Richmond (Winter 2001)

Living Leadership Now by David MacKenzie (Fall 2001)

Lonely Learners by Susan L. Bernstein (Winter 2000)

Manifesto for Learning in the New Economy by Brook Manville and Marcia Conner (2000)

mLearning: Mobile, Wireless, In Your Palm Learning by Clark Quinn (Fall 2000)

Modeling Healthy Behavior for the Good of One’s Organization by Rebecca Shambaugh (Summer 2001)

Notes from the World Economics Forum 2001 Annual Meeting by David Finegold (Spring 2001)

Organizational Overhaul by Christopher A. Bartlett (Summer 2000)

Overheard at Whitehouse New Economy Summit by Laurie Bassi (Summer 2000)

Painting, Parenting, and Practice by Barbara Berry (Summer 2001)

The Pause That Refreshes: Fewer People Trained More by Verne Harnish (Spring 2001)

Perception-Altering Learning: Open the Door to the Possibilities and Stop Struggling with Balance by Susan Cantwell (Summer 2001)

Performance & Learning: The New "P & L" by Douglas K. Smith (Summer 2000)

Postcards from the Bleeding Edge: Examining the “e” in eLearning by Tony Loyd (Fall 2000)

Putting eLearning in its Place: The Swisshouse Knowledge Exchange by Jeffrey Huang and Muriel Waldvogel (Winter 2001)

Readiness: Intersections with the New by David Grebow (Fall 2000)

Recruiting Human Capital at Start-Ups: Meeting Notes from “Human Capital Advantage,” a Hunt-Scanlon Conference, February 7-8, 2001, New York City by Laurie Bassi (Spring 2001)

Savoring eLearning The Online Learning 2000 Conference, September 2000 (Fall 2000)

Sharing Strength: Lessons About Getting by Giving by Chuck Scofield (Summer2001)

Start Measuring Your eLearning Programs Now by Josh Bersin (Current Issue)

Start-up Girl Helps You Find Balance in the New Economy by Amy Keill (Summer 2001)

Strong Voices in Search of Balance: Executive Women Speak Out by Kathy Kelly (Summer 2001)

System Thinking as a Tool for Visual Learning by Victoria Saunders (Winter 2001)

Talent and Learning: My Morning at a Fast Company Event 03.23.00 (Summer 2000)

Ten Traits to Help Leaders Transition Through Turbulent Times by Bette Price (Current Issue)

Understanding and Winning the Never-Ending Battle for Talent: The Manager’s Core Work in the New Economy by Peter Henchel (Fall 2001)

Unlocking Learning’s Power to Transform by Jeff De Cagna (Winter 2001)

Virtual Teams: The Future is Now by Jessica Lipnack (Spring 2001)

Visual Design by Kavita Bali (Winter 2000)

Weeds: A Column About Thriving When and Where It Matters by Kellee K. Sikes (Summer 2001)

What Employees Really Want by David Finegold (Spring 2001)

What We Can All Learn From Military Leadership by Andrew Willis (Fall 2001)

What’s the Story? by Steve Portigal (Current Issue)

Why Must a Leader Be a Learner? by Will Luckert, Alec Horniman (Fall 2001)

Worldwide Web-ucation Putting eLearning to the Acid Test by Dara Colwell (Current Issue)

You're Never Too Old: Executive Learning Online by Gene Ziegler (Fall 2001)

Zen and the Art of Teaching Leadership: Moving the Body, Crafting the Mind by Jack Richford (Fall 2001)

About Our Contributors (Summer 2000, Fall 2000, Winter 2001, Spring 2001, Fall 2001)

Book Review - The Art of Possibility by Rosamond Stone Zander and Ben Zander (Winter 2001)

Book Review - Latticework - The New Investing by Robert G. Hagstrom (Spring 2001)

Book Review - Leadership in the New Science Revisited by Margaret Wheatley (Fall 2000)

Book Review -The New Deal at Work by Peter Capelli and The Human Equation: Building Profits by Putting People First by Jeffrey Pfeffer (Summer 2000)

Book Review - The Leadership Moment: Nine True Stories of Triumph and Disaster and Their Lessons for Us All by Michael Useem (Fall 2001)

Brainmatter: The Adult Brain CAN Grow New Cells (Winter 2001)

Brainmatter: Brains on Adrenaline (Spring 2001)

Brainmatter: Persuasive Technology (Summer 2000)

Brainmatter: Play Two Video Games and Call Me in the Morning (Fall 2000)

Brain Matter: What You Don't Know May Kill You (Summer 2001)

Laugh Lines for the New Economy (Summer 2000, Fall 2000, Winter 2001, Spring 2001, Summer 2001, Fall 2001, Current Issue)

Definitions: eLearning

Definitions: New Economy

Editor's Letter: Let's Begin by Marcia Conner (Summer 2000)

Editor's Letter: Whitespace by Marcia Conner (Fall 2000)

Editor's Letter: Learners... Remember Them? by Marcia Conner (Winter 2001)

Editor's Letter: Being Chaordic by Marcia Conner (Spring 2001)

Editor's Letter: Face Your Fears by Marcia Conner (Summer 2001)

Editor's Letter: What Do We Do Now? by Marcia Conner (Fall 2001)

Editor’s Letter Learning in the Middle of the Road by Marcia Conner (Current Issue)


Publisher's Letter: As If You Didn't Have Enough to Read by Brook Manville (Summer 2000)

Publisher's Letter: Our Bluebird by Brook Manville (Fall 2000)

Publisher's Letter: Beyond Baggage and Buzz by Brook Manville (Winter 2001)

Publisher's Letter: Become a Sponsor of LiNE Zine, A Capital Idea by Brook Manville (Spring 2001)

Publisher's Letter: The Convergence of Convergences by Brook Manville (Summer 2001)

Publisher's Letter: Learning, Terrorism, and Way by Brook Manville (Fall 2001)

Publisher’s Letter: Organizational Readiness in the Knowledge Economy by Brook Manville (Current Issue)

Quotations: Intriguing quotes you may want to repeat (Summer 2000), (Fall 2000), (Winter 2001), (Spring 2001), (Summer 2001), (Fall 2001), (Current Issue - All Quotations)

Really? Your Mother Was Right (Summer 2000)

Really? You Can Teach Some Old Dogs New Tricks by Kellee K. Sikes (Fall 2000)

Really? You Should Look a Gift-Horse in the Mouth! An Adventure in the Wild West of Not-For-Profit Volunteer Human Capitol by Kellee Sikes (Spring 2001)

Really? Hurray! I Have Dyslexia! by Kellee K. Sikes (Summer 2001)

Really? The Hole in the Wall That Opens Minds by Beth Garlington Scofield (Fall 2001)

Vocabulary Word: Incunabula (Summer 2000)

Vocabulary Word: Autodidactic (Fall 2000)

Vocabulary Word: Crenulate (Winter 2001)

Vocabulary Words: Capitalize, Duende, Sockdolager (Spring 2001)

Vocabulary Word: Fisselig (Summer 2001)

Vocabulary Word Equilibration (Fall 2001)

Vocabulary Words: Educe, Bricolage (Current Issue)

Webmaster's Letter: The 87th Adjustment by Greg Roberts (Fall 2000)

Webmaster's Letter: Keeping Up With Technology by Greg Roberts (Winter 2001)

Webmaster's Letter: Capitalize on Technology by Greg Roberts (Spring 2001)

Webmaster's Letter: A Balanced Home-Work Life? by Greg Roberts (Summer 2001)